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Because we respect your home, we will never solicit residential customers on the telephone.


Healthy Living Begins with Clinicair

Clinicair air quality specialists are dedicated to helping Canadians lead happier, healthier lives indoors.

In today’s tightly sealed buildings, the air at home and work usually can create or worsen problems. While the air outside is constantly being cleansed by nature using the natural processes of rain, wind and the sun’s ultraviolet energy the air indoors is trapped, allowing dust, humidity and potentially harmful substances to gather.

Excessive dust accumulation on surfaces, visible mould growth, itching or burning eyes, skin irritation, nasal congestion, dry throats, and coughs, wheezing and shortness of breath can all be signs of poor indoor air quality (IAQ).


Mobile Technology Centre (MTC) Vehicle

At the heart of clean indoor air are clean air ducts. Over time, these airways accumulate dust and other asthma and allergy triggers, affecting everyone’s health. Clinicair has developed the Mobile Technology Centre (MTC) vehicle, the most powerful, effective means of cleaning air ducts today. A state-of-the-art vehicle, the MTC’s tough cyclonic action thoroughly removes materials potentially harmful to the air you breathe. To find out how the MTC vehicle will work to improve your family’s health, play the video below.


Professionally Trained & Certified

Clinicair is here to help with a specially selected suite of the latest state-of-the-art services and products to identify and resolve IAQ problems in homes, businesses, and medical and dental offices. And every member of the Clinicair team attends rigorous training and is certified by Healthy Indoors Partnership (HIP), the Canadian professional IAQ association.

Developed and presented by leading instructors, HIP Certified Courses reference the current standards, guidelines, and best practices as detailed by Canadian Government health agencies. It’s because of this training that insurance companies, home inspectors and real estate professionals may specify that you work with a Canadian-trained HIP member for IAQ issues.

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