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Chemicals Lurking in Household Dust !

A recent 2016 study from Environmental Science & Technology: “Consumer Product Chemicals in Indoor Dust: A Quantitative Meta-analysis of U.S. Studies” has shown that what we just think of as household dust is actually quite a bit more dangerous than it first...

What are Indoor Emissions ?

Indoor chemical emissions are air pollutants that are released through the use of a wide variety of products in the home.

Hazards of Indoor Wood Fires

Indoor Fireplaces can Cause Respiratory Issues Recent studies by a University of Alabama professor Chris Lynn has determined that we will actually reduce our blood pressure while watching a beautiful wood fire in our home. The aroma, the crackle and the sights all...

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Home Environment

Our children spend over 90% of their lives indoors, and are constantly exposed to a host of contaminants and irritants which can exacerbate asthma and allergy suffering. There are many common sense solutions to maintain a home which will relieve their suffering and...

Recent IAQ Research

I am constantly amazed at the evolution of scientific knowledge and it’s impact on our understanding of health and general well being.