Commercial Duct Cleaning

A building with polluted air threatens the health of occupants, especially those who may suffer with allergies, asthma or respiratory problems. In scientific studies, indoor air contaminants have been proven to cause health risks with symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, sore throats, irritated eyes and allergic reactions. In buildings with the very young or elderly occupants, this can be especially critical.

Now’s the time to call Clinicair air duct specialists to schedule your annual commercial duct and vent cleaning service. All Clinicair air duct cleaning specialists are bonded and insured, and are certified by Healthy Indoors Partnership (HIP), the Canadian professional IAQ association. The benefits of Clinicair include not only a safer working and living environment, but also happier, healthier occupants.

Before and After commercial duct cleaning
commercial duct cleaning technician

Our IAQ Technicians will use the Clinicair Rx Tablet to create a photo report to show you cleaning work, as well as any other deficiencies or other issues with the air quality in the office.

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Commercial Duct Cleaning Medical Grade

Commercial Medical Grade Duct Cleaning

Clinicair air duct specialists inspect and clean ducts and vents in multi-unit condominiums and apartments, commercial and industrial units, office complexes, dental and medical clinics, childcare facilities and schools, seniors’ residences: if your building has a forced air heating and cooling system, and there is duct work, you should have the HVAC systems’ ducts, air conditioning unit coil(s) and vents inspected and cleaned annually.

  • Occupants may be breathing, working and eating in air which contains indoor air pollutants such as mould spores, allergens,GTA truck condo bacteria, fungus, dust, odour causing particulate matter and harmful chemicals that build up indoors
  • A clean HVAC system may consume less energy while providing maximum heating and cooling efficiencies
  • Computers and other sensitive equipment can be damaged from dust collecting on electrical components
  • The landlord/employer is legally responsible for providing occupants with a safe and healthful environment, including the air quality in the building


Commercial Dryer Duct Cleaning

A very dirty Duct System

A Very Dirty Dryer System

Dryer duct cleaning is known to prevent fires, improve the efficiency of dryers and reduce energy costs. If your condo association has a large number of units, there may be an opportunity for your association to save a significant amount of money by allowing the association to purchase the duct and dryer vent cleaning for all units. This will save the individual condo or townhome owner a significant amount off the standard single unit rate. Clinicair will come to your location, inspect and evaluate your needs in coordination with your property manager to quote on duct cleaning or dryer vent cleaning or both.


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Whether it’s your home or your office, indoor environmental quality is important. A large part of the quality of your indoor environment is due to the “lungs of your building” – the air ducts. To ensure the highest quality duct cleaning service, our HIP Certified technicians employ the most advanced medical grade duct cleaning process and technologies, separating us from standard duct cleaners.

Simply put – we have certified technicians using the best technology, and an onsite process that guarantees success every time.

Services Clinicair Name Brand
No Name
Trained IAQ
      All Clinicair technicians are HIP certified for Indoor Environmental Quality.
Cyclone Truck       Clinicair’s exclusive Stormtech 2100 truck delivers a cyclone of power with heavy duty German screw compressors, creating a virtual vortex of power to muscle out dirt, dust, mould, and debris from your ventilation system.
Red Carpet
      The moment the Clinicair technicians step onsite, a red carpet is laid down to protect anything that may be in the work path.
      Inevitably when furnace ducts are being cleaned some dust will enter the air – to remove any additional dust or particulate from the air Clinicair always sets up a medical grade air scrubber.
Air Whipper       The air-whip is an essential part of properly cleaning a duct – there is no substitute.
Clean Supply &
Return Air
Ducts Separately
      The supply and return air ducts and registers are cleaned separately to ensure the most thorough cleaning of the ventilation system.
Clean Furnace       The furnace fan compartment is cleaned.
Hand Clean
      Each register is hand cleaned to ensure a job well done.
Benefect       As part of the Clinicair process disinfectant is used to clean the ducts and all registers.
Vacuum All
Floor Surfaces
      Before Clinicair leaves, all floors are cleaned to remove any additional dust or particulate that may find its way back into the ventilation system.
IAQ Analysis       Clinicair HIP Certified technicians are trained to inspect the home for any other potential sources of indoor environmental quality issues.
Telemarketing       Clinicair does NOT support telemarketing as a means of reaching new clients.