The Right Diagnosis for Your Building

The biggest challenge for property and building managers with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) complaints is that the reported symptoms may be varied and usually do not suggest any specific cause or provide the right solution.

Clinicair’s IAQ testing protocol will quickly identify key issues in the buildings air through our testing and online reporting system.

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Indoor Air Quality Testing

Now Clinicair air quality specialists will help you with timely, cost effective IAQ findings, reports and recommendations.

Using the Canary Air Quality Assurance monitoring system, Clinicair provides businesses, service providers and institutions quick and cost effective IAQ analysis of their indoor air quality. The Canary IAQ monitor array records all key parameters and, on-demand, uplifts the data to the Canary server for analysis and comparison to Health Canada and ASHRAE standards for an authoritative, comprehensive report that’s available online 24/7.

With Canary reports, managers’ and owners receive timely, cost effective IAQ findings and recommendations with faster, easier responses. And, if desired, online reports can be made available to employees, tenants or other interested parties to provide clear and appropriate answers to IAQ concerns.

  • Authoritative, comprehensive IAQ reports
  • Available online and on-demand
  • Follows Health Canada and ASHRAE standards
  • Six parameter IAQ monitoring & data recording: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide,
    particulates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature & humidity