I am truly amazed at the number of friends and business associates who keep telling me about the ridiculous number of duct cleaning tele marketing calls they get many nights of the week. We must be the capital of duct cleaning telemarketers of the world ! I know in our home we also get at least one a week and my family use to have fun teasing them because we are in the business, but now it is just an annoyance.

Toronto and the GTHA area must have some unique allure for this service, as we do not seem to be inundated with similar annoying phone calls from Delhi, India and Kubal, Afghanistan; asking if we want window cleaning or hardwood floors done. Why have they chosen Toronto and the service of duct cleaning to inflict such damage ? I use the word damage because the telemarketers and the associated duct cleaners in and around Toronto are doing great damage to the IAQ and duct cleaning industry.



I was surprised when I found out the way their system works. Call centers in Afghanistan and India obviously have access to all of our phone numbers and address’ and they appear to focus on higher income area’s. They then proceed to inundate the local population with dinner time calls from someone you cannot understand and knowing you do not want it right away. The first time is annoying, the 20th is quite a bit more so.
When they have success in selling the service, which I find hard to believe that people would buy it, they then contact the duct cleaning providers in GTHA that they have contracted with, and promptly sells it off to the highest bidder. One would estimate that the value paid would be in the vicinity of $ 100. I cannot see how this works out all that well for the duct cleaner or the buyer, as it costs quite a bit more than $ 100 to do the work properly, so it seems the duct cleaner is drastically underpaid to do the work, and generally that means the customer gets a poor job.

I am embarrassed at times to say what I do for a living, despite being very proud of our company. It pains me when I see people get so upset at the tele marketers, and then see professional companies get dragged into the reputation that they develop. This is where the telemarketers, and the associate duct cleaners are doing great damage. I believe the practice has really irritated our populace and they are starting to think that all duct cleaners are snake oil salesman, so are hesitant to contract with any of them…damn the lot !
We all have discretionary dollars to spend and we all prioritize those dollars carefully. I think that if I had a good list of items to invest in my home I might push duct cleaning down a bit in that list thinking that maybe I won’t get my monies worth.

Jainie Pearce GM 1And that’s a pity because good duct cleaning can really improve the health of your home, can reduce asthma and allergy suffering, and has been proven to improve cardio vascular systems and even live longer. Boy..to give up all that for some crummy guy on the phone, what a pity !