Indoor Fireplaces can Cause Respiratory Issues

Recent studies by a University of Alabama professor Chris Lynn has determined that we will actually reduce our blood pressure while watching a beautiful wood fire in our home. The aroma, the crackle and the sights all tend to sooth our soul and melt away the stress.

But as always…there is a but.wood fire

While we may feel relaxed by the fire unfortunately the pollutants in the air from the fire can be very harmful to our health. They can increase respiratory  symptoms and exacerbate asthma and COP diseases. Indeed the Canadian Lung Association recommends that no wood be burned indoors.

Health Canada

What are some of the hazards in wood smoke identified by Health Canada ?

  1. Fine Particulate Matter. Very small particles in the air that have been defined as a toxic substance, they can work deep inside the lungs and cause respiratory problems.
  2. Carbon Monoxide: higher levels are created by the burning of the logs and can cause headaches and dizziness
  3. Nitrogen Dioxide: can cause shortness of breath and irritation

If you determine that you must burn wood, burn dry and seasoned wood in a high efficiency stove, which will reduce emissions by 90 %.

So enjoy the fire crackling away with a glass of wine, but stay healthy along the way.