IQAir® Cleanroom H13 Professional

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Airborne Particulate Control for Critical Areas


IQAir® GC MultiGas Exceeds Clinicair Residential Specifications

The IQAir® The IQAir® Cleanroom H13 is an ultra-effective room air purifier for the filtration of airborne pathogens, micro-organisms, microbiological control and particle pollutants in solid and liquid form and aerosols. It is highly suited to prevent infections in medical and research areas, TB isolation rooms, pharmaceutical laboratories.

As well, the IQAir® Cleanroom H13 superior filtration of airborne particles makes it the professional’s choice for critical areas, controlled environments and cleanrooms up to Class 100 such as data storage facilities, computer and server rooms and changing rooms in clean room facilities

To allow for maximum air delivery and extra-long filter life, the Cleanroom H13 contains an extra-large surface pre-filter and HyperHEPA filter. Both the pre-filter and the HyperHEPA filter are antimicrobially treated to kill microorganisms on contact. Advanced anti-tampering features prevent the unauthorized opening or disconnection of the system in public areas.

The IQAir® Cleanroom H13 can also be used as a recirculation system or to create a positive or negative pressure atmosphere with the help of the InFlow W125 and OutFlow W125 optional hose connectors. These pressure ratios are of enormous benefit when it comes to providing protective isolation for immunodeficient patients or to stopping the spread of harmful micro-organisms and particles.

The best solution for your commercial air quality problem is to find the best commercial air purifier specific to your needs. Every business is unique, and Clinicair knows that every IAQ challenge is just as unique. Our air quality experts will help you choose the right IQAir® commercial air cleaner based on the size of your space, your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concerns, your existing ventilation and environment, and your industry.

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