IQAir® Perfect 16 Whole Home Purification

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Professionally Installed Total Home Protection

The IQAir® Perfect 16 advanced micro-fiber technology uses the ductwork of your existing heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system to distribute purified air to every room in your house.
With MERV 16 certification from a leading independent testing laboratory, Perfect 16 Whole-House air filtration virtually eliminates dust, bacteria, allergens and smoke up to 100 times more effectively than conventional furnace filters. (On average, a home’s indoor air quality improves 90-95% within one hour of installation!)

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Dust and other airborne particulate matter can be a real problem in maintaining a clean family home. As well as a time-consuming inconvenience, regular dusting only re-circulates the dust into the air and the ducts, relentlessly spreading the problem. Dust and other airborne particulate matter also play an important role in asthma, allergic rhinitis and other respiratory diseases by triggering symptoms and causing progression through prolonged exposure.

The IQAir® Perfect 16 virtually eliminates the need for regular dusting, while reducing airborne allergens and particulates which may trigger asthma attacks.

Perfect 16 Whole-House Air Filtration:
  • Creates a clean, comfortable environment for everyone throughout your home
  • Reduces harmful particulates and allergens
  • Protects your decor by removing the staining portion of airborne dust
  • Maintenance-free for three years – no filter changes, no cleaning for three years
  • 100% Silent – works with your home’s HVAC system; no separate fan motor
  • Saves money since your home’s heating and cooling works more efficiently,
  • Maximizes living space – typically located in your basement, maintenance room or attic
  • Reduces fire hazards by removing lint and other combustible materials from ducts

“Forced air systems with high efficiency filtration were found to provide the best control of asthma triggers: 30–55% lower cat allergen levels, 90–99% lower risk of respiratory infection through the inhalation route of exposure, 90–98% lower environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) levels, and 50–75% lower fungal spore levels than the other ventilation/filtration systems considered. These results indicate that the use of high efficiency in-duct air cleaners provide an effective means of controlling allergen levels not only in a single room, like a portable air cleaner, but the whole house.”

Control of asthma triggers in indoor air with air cleaners: a modeling analysis

(Environmental Health 2008, 7:43: Theodore A Myatt, Taeko Minegishi, Joseph G Allen and David L MacIntosh)

Comes with manufacturer’s 5-Year Parts and Labour Warranty (excluding filters)

All specifications subject to change without prior notice