Improving Air Quality in Healthcare Facilities

Medical & Dental Offices Need Protection

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For the Health of your Staff, and your Patients


Dental Offices

Dentists, staff and their patients are exposed to potentially dangerous airborne contaminants from the various chemical compounds used in dental work. Especially for dental staff, this daily exposure is a very real concern because of the significantly higher level of contact on a regular basis.

  • Microorganisms High-speed drills and ultrasonic scaling equipment generate fine droplets containing easily inhaled bacteria and viruses
  • Mercury Vapours Accumulated over years of on-going usage, vapours from amalgam fillings can lead to greater than average levels of inorganic mercury (Hg)
  • Chemical Disinfectants May cause irritation and have a sensitizing potential, especially for staff, while creating commonly disagreeable odours

Healthcare Facilities

Air quality in healthcare facilities is a necessary component of today’s airborne hygiene procedures and occupational health and safety requirements. In addition, improved air quality makes economic sense as a preventative infection control measure.

  • Airborne Infection Control Airborne pathogens from bacteria, viruses, fungal spores cause a great number of diseases and infections
  • Hospital Acquired Infections Nosocomial infections has serious consequences for increased illness, length of hospital stay, patient mortality and overall costs
  • Chemical Compound & Odour Control Filtration, pressure differentials, and containment of chemical compounds and unpleasant odours provide a safer and more agreeable working environment

Clinicair is proud to offer a specially selected suite of the latest medical-grade products to identify and resolve IAQ problems in dental and healthcare facilities.

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