Our children spend over 90% of their lives indoors, and are constantly exposed to a host of contaminants and irritants which can exacerbate asthma and allergy suffering. There are many common sense solutions to maintain a home which will relieve their suffering and symptoms.img9

Some of the irritant’s which can cause stress are dust and particulate contamination, airborne chemicals, high humidity levels, allergens from pets, mold, and poor ventilation.


  1. Clean the home often and regularly to reduce the dust levels, and prevent dust and debris from coming in from outside
  2. Consider installing a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) to allow clean filtered fresh air into the home
  3. Maintain your heating and air conditioning system so that it’s works to peak efficiency, does not produce any by products such as carbon monoxide, and is clean
  4. Install and maintain a high efficiency filter within the furnace to keep the air clean
  5. Your ductwork are the lungs of the home, keep them clean and mold free to maintain low levels of dust and contaminants in the home.IMG_0096
  6. Maintain humidity levels within the home to Health Canada standards as high humidity can result in mold growth, which can cause upper respiratory stress
  7. Control and repair any water leaks in the home to eliminate any growth of mold
  8. Use only “green” cleaning products and eliminate chemicals where possible from all cleaners and scents and fresheners in the home