Jainie-Pearce-GM-3At Clinicair we specialize in Medical Grade Duct Cleaning and we get asked a lot; what does that mean? Well.. in the most simple of terms it is just really good duct cleaning, but it does mean a lot more than that. At Clinicair we believe that a healthy and clean environment in your home or office can have an effect on your health and wellbeing, so we offer services that will actually contribute to that. We perform a great variety of duct cleanings, from small residential homes to large health care facilities, we see ourselves as service providers for individuals who suffer from asthma and allergies. We do not believe that you can maintain good indoor air quality in a building unless the duct system is very clean, as it is the lungs of the building, it moves all the air you breathe through the building, and if it is not clean then the buildings air will not be clean.

What makes it unique ?

Medical grade duct cleaning takes many more steps to accomplish than regular duct cleaning, and quite a bit more time. Remember that what we are after is true improvement to the indoor environment; so we cannot introduce any dust or mold into the building before, during or after the cleaning is complete. We strive to reduce the level of dust and molds in the duct work, the furnace, the floors of the home, and in the air. So we utilize a unique 10 step process to make that happen:

  1. We utilize our powerful Stormtech 2100 truckTruck1
  2. Certified HIP Trained Technicians
  3. Red Carpets run through the home
  4. Air Scrubbers are placed in the home
  5. Supply and return ducts cleaned separately
  6. Registers hand washed with Benefect recommended by Health Canada
  7. All ducts are sanitized with Benefect recommended by Health Canada
  8. Vacuum floor surface
  9. Inspect Filter system
  10. Photo graph work and send final IAQ Report to customer via email

There really is a difference in the Clinicair Medical Grade Duct Cleaning system, it takes considerably more time and effort on the part of our great staff but we feel it’s worth it to allow you a cleaner and healthier home. Health Canada is very clear in its guidance for a healthy home, they say that the two keys are dry & clean. Dry & Clean. Dry because if there is excess water in the home through floods or overflows or excess humidity then you can develop mold growth in the home. Mold growth left unchecked can create many unpleasant symptoms, especially in the young and the old with immune systems which may be weak. And clean, because dust is full of contaminants, allergens, and molds, and constantly breathing in poor air can challenge your upper respiratory system. Health Canada says that the largest reservoir of dust in the home is on the floor, so they must be kept as clean as possible. Medical Grade Duct Cleaning will assure you and your family that the air you breathe after will have cleaned the ducts will be much improved, allowing to you to Breathe Easy !